Core Concepts

Our Founding Maxim: Justice Through Discipleship

The Just Life ministry seeks to offer biblical teaching and practical solutions for the life we are called to live in response to God’s demand for love and justice from His people.  We believe that a disciplined response to God’s heart for justice is a core part of our discipleship in Christ — and that as we grow our lives will begin to naturally manifest a living definition of biblical justice. To aid this journey we have created a series of what we consider to be core concepts:

Lives of Love and Justice

1What is God’s plan for all of the injustice in the world? We are – We have been uniquely placed, uniquely prepared, uniquely equipped and uniquely empowered as agents of change for such a time as this…
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God’s Heart for Justice

2What does the Bible say about God’s call for lives of love and justice from His people? Scripture speaks very clearly: There are hundreds of verses that speak of God’s heart for justice, and of course…
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Be Agents of Change

3Through Christ we are called to participate in the “in-breaking” of His amazing Kingdom here and now. We must first be reconciled to God and the way we engage others also must be transformed…
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Dying to Self

4There is no getting around it: All of history, every bit of data, the best modern technology and methodology has to offer conclude the exact same thing. There will never be a way to simply “add justice”…
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Follow Christ’s Lead

5Our character begins to follow Christ’s lead as we interact with people through love. His lead is incarnate. This means we are to live among and rub shoulders with those who need us. We can’t love…
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Uniquely Called

6Being transformed and being a part of a transformational community requires a commitment to spiritual discipline and to being stewards of the unique calling God has placed on each of our lives. Loving God…
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Start Small, Dream Big

7A “just life” is one that refuses to neglect even the smallest act of compassion (to suffer with) while being willing to be incarnate in the development of others (loving your neighbor as yourself)…
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Be All In

8 We must come to terms with the reality that there is no hierarchy of Christian discipleship, no acceptable “levels” of commitment. From day one, being a disciple of Christ has been an all-in…
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This introductory conversation is focused on promoting an awareness of and response to God’s demand for love and justice from his people. At this stage the proper foundations for biblical justice are addressed—theology, vision and discipleship. This series is not directly about economics, multiculturalism, environmentalism, social policy or pragmatic solutions (though those areas will be touched upon as we examine at what a “just life” looks like), nor is this series specifically about how to engage in advocacy. What it is about is how to encourage the local church body in their journey to choose and take hold of specific issues within their community/sphere of influence.

Additionally, a  wealth of articles and links are available on the Biblical Teaching Blog.

He has shown you what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. ~Micah 6:8