About Us

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. ~Ephesians 2:10

Our founding maxim is “Justice through Discipleship.” The Just Life is a growing community of Christ followers committed to being agents of social change by living out righteousness and justice in the world. Ours is an ongoing journey to understand what God requires of us, help one another identify the work God has prepared in advance for us to do, and creatively respond to God’s heart for justice.


Why “The Just Life”

As a ministry, The Just Life fills a space that often exists between awareness and action. Once the book has been read, the conference attended and the convicting speaker leaves…now what? How do we begin? What does it look like? What does the Lord require? The Just Life can serve as a “rally point” for the rising energy and help focus interest.

The Just Life exists to serve the Church, believing that the local church is to be God’s agent for change. Careful attention needs to be given to the lives we are called to and the complex sociological realities of modern justice ministry. Few communities have the experience, the staff or the time to sort it all out themselves.

The Just Life exists to serve you. We want to see daily practical responses to God’s heart for justice made accessible to everyone. We are convinced that your gifts and talents matter, they are not mistakes, they can be used to make a difference, and in fact they were meant to. Each of you are uniquely placed, uniquely prepared, uniquely equipped, and uniquely empowered.  What’s more, you are not alone—we are all in this together!

Methodologically, The Just Life represents a grass-roots shift in thinking about discipleship, service and justice issues—moving away from programs and volunteer coordination for para-church organizations towards open source movement and a more relational gospel.

The Just Life is committed to being an unwavering voice in keeping Christ and the Cross central to all we do. Without question. Without compromise. Justice through discipleship.


What We Do

As an organization we serve local churches by coming along side them in order to engage together in holistic and practical responses to God’s call for lives of love and justice from His people. To do this we seek to:

Educate: Increase awareness about biblical justice issues and responses within the church locally, nationally and around the world. This is done primarily though this website, curriculum and content development, as well as speaking and teaching engagements.

Facilitate: Build a community of fellowship with a unified vision and disciplined commitment to biblical justice that raises up advocates who work for individual and structural social change based on biblical principles. Our primary method is the local meet-up—a creative space where Christians can raise justice values within their community and work out daily practical responses to God’s call for love and justice from His people. We not only work to help create effective meet-ups, but also to help connect people and organizations to them.

Co-create: Engage and strengthen a collaborative network of individuals and organizations that are passionately living out biblical justice through local, national and global collaboration, as well as localized funding.


About This Site

This site is dedicated to a growing community of Christians committed to an open discussion about and a disciplined response to what it means to live a life of love and justice based on biblical principles, the teachings and life of Jesus, the examples of His followers and the daily realities we face.

This site aims to be an excellent resource for anyone looking to discover more about how to engage in practical responses to God’s heart for justice. There’s a lot of information to be found here, so we’ve put together a quick guide:

For Research: Beginning with the Resources section you’ll find a book list, links to organizations, study guides, Scripture lists, fact sheets, and more. However, the real wealth of information comes through the “feeds.” Articles and resources from all over the web are constantly streaming into the “Justice Issues Feed” where you can narrow your search by category. We are also beginning to organize resources by ”Professions.” You can subscribe via e-mail and rss to all of the content on this site.

For Study: In the “Discipleship” section you will find posts on “Biblical Teaching” and what we consider to be “Core Concepts” that are designed to aid you in your study of just what God requires of us as agents of change. The “Engagement” section will also expose you to existing strategies that we call the “Building Blocks” of justice ministry.

For doing: We hope to see the “Meet-ups” section begin to take shape as the most practical resource for helping your church move forward as a community committed to God’s call for lives of love and justice. We have begun to share some development guides that are designed to help you set up The Just Life at your church. 

For Sharing: Moving forward we want “Stories of Change” that are shared by the TJL community to become the defining element of this site. This is meant to be a collaborative space. We want you to write for us and share your story. Increasingly, our facebook fan page will also be a space to share and network.


Who We Are

You: This is an open source movement. The Just Life is far more a ministry of questions than of answers. Each community has its own issues to address and its own unique solutions to engage in. We need to explore together just what God can do when faithful hearts are behind strong minds. Share your story!

Founder: Brian Kammerzelt is full-time faculty at Moody Bible Institute.  The Just Life began as a way to “critique by creating” while attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Brian has worked with pastors, leaders, churches, and para-church organizations from all over the country—from the largest and most influential communities to the smallest and most radical—in order to refine how The Just Life might best serve the Church.


Write For Us!

The Just Life is meant to be a collaborative space. As our community and content grows we are always looking for passionate writers to bring issues, organizations and solutions to our attention.

Bring up important issues. Explore what it looks like to live a just life—with our prayers, with our giving, with our purchases, with our vote, with our voice, in our minds, in our homes, in our community, in our city and globally.

Share your story! Everyone’s journey to and through the difficult issues of biblical justice is unique—we want to hear about yours. How has God opened your eyes to justice and compassion? What life choices have you made in response? What are the questions you are wrestling with? What do you think it looks like to live a “just life?”

If you have any insight beyond what you can share by merely commenting on a post, please send your article idea to: contact@thejustlife.org. Challenge and inspire us towards daily practical responses to God’s heart for justice.

He has shown you what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. ~Micah 6:8