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  1. Greg H.
    Greg H.09-13-2009

    Whence the quote from Kierkegaard? I would like to read the full

  2. Brian Kammerzelt
    Brian Kammerzelt09-13-2009

    You will find it in the “Kill the Commentators” section of Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard:

  3. kwame owusu ansah peter
    kwame owusu ansah peter11-20-2009

    very good work and am more convinced to follow and obey the infortion provided. do well to send more information through my email address.

  4. Jason Koeppe
    Jason Koeppe02-16-2010

    This is the exact concept I’m trying to focus on with my blog at We can’t continue to rationalize worldly living and the thought process that successful Christian living is simply avoiding sin. Avoiding sin is defense. Proactive, intentional, prayerful living centered on the will of God in our lives and seeking first the Kingdom is offense.

    I want to encourage people to live offensively for Christ; press in and seek and since the father is looking for worhipers, He will find you when you worship!

    Nice post.

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